There is a place in Florida that still retains an authentic Spanish flavor. This place is at the same time the oldest European settlement in the US. It is the city of St. Augustine, founded in 1565 by the Spanish Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles. This is the oldest city in the US and as of today, yet the Spanish flag has flown in it longer than the American flag.

Incredibly, even today you can find Don Pedro on the streets of the town or at the place where the “Fountain of youth “ is located, since very close to this spot has been recreated an old Spanish outpost. Daily, this gentleman blows an old Spanish cannon after shouting “Por el Rey”. Something electrifying!

After talking with Don Pedro (to tell the truth, after so many years there, this guy has somewhat forgotten his mother tongue and now, he speaks perfect English with a strong American accent. Can you believe it?) I decided that this character was perfect for a bronze figure. I took a good amount of pictures of him, and after that, I only had to wait for the right time … It’s been several years since, but finally the time has come. I casted this figure in Madrid in April -July 2014.

This figure is more detailed than any other before. To achieve it I decided to cast it in several pieces.

For the memory of Don Pedro and the Spanish heritage in the US…!





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