Nicolae Golescu street, Bucharest. Ink & pencil (26 x 22 cm)

Wheelock Pistol. INk & pen (26 x 20 cm)

Study of an armor. Ink & Pencil. (26 x 21 cm)

Study of helmets and morions. Ink (29 x 21 cms)

Sargento. Tercios de Flandes. Plumilla y tinta(30x25cms)

Musqueteer. Tercios de Flandes. Ink, nib & marker (33 x 28 cms)

Citadel of Rupea. Transilvania, Romania. Ink & nib, markers. (30×22 cms)Pit, Kalnoki guesthouse. Miclosoara. Transilvania, Romania. Graphite (30×22 cms).

Kalnoki guesthouse. Miclosoara. Transilvania, Romania. Graphite. (30×22 cms)

Shoemaker´s tower, Sighisoara. Transilvania, Romania. Ink & nib and mixed media. (32×28 cms)

No rush. Ink & Nib. (30×28 cms)

Musqueteer. Ink & Nib. (30×25 cms)

Musqueteer. Graphite. (27×18 cms)

Carmen Dell´Orefice. Graphite. (22×17 cms)

Brutus. Graphite. (28×21 cms)

Fife. Tercios de Flandes. S. XVII. Graphite & watercolor. (35×24 cms)

Pikerman, Tercios de Flandes. S. XVII. Ink, watercolor & gouache. (30×22 cms)

Cavalry trumpet. S. XVII. Ink & gouache. (36×28 cms)

The king Alfonso the XIII with a unit of Regulares. Pen & ink. (36×28 cms)

Harquebusier of the Spanish Tercios. Pen, ink & watercolor. (36×28 cms)

Jerónimo. Pen & Ink. (42×30 cms)


Lizard. Bratislava. Pen & ink. (30×22 cms)


“Poilu” (after a sketch of Albert Guillaume). Ink & watercolor. (16×12 cms)



On guard! Pen & ink (23×16 cms)


Having dinner in the light of a candle. Pen & ink (20×15 cms)


Musketeers on horseback (after a M. Leloir drawing). Pen & ink (20×15 cms)

Armchair. Graphite (14×20 cms)

Harquebusier. Graphite (25×20 cms)


Napoleon. Graphite (25×20 cms)


Autoworld, Brussels. Pen & ink & watercolor (30×22 cms)


A street in Brussels. Graphite (34×28 cms)


French Dragon in Saint Quirin Moselle. Graphite, color pencil and marker (34×28 cms)


Voltigeur, French light infantry, 1808. Pen & ink & watercolor (30×20 cms)


Cuirassier of the “Grande Armée”. Graphite (33×24 cms)


Change of Guard at the Royal Palace, Madrid. Graphite (32×24 cms)


Napoleon. Graphite (21×15 cms)



Imperial army drummer. Thirty years war. Pen & ink (20×14 cms)



Musketeers (after a M. Leloir drawing). Pen & ink (22×17 cms)



French drummer in Saint Quirin Moselle. Pen & ink (10×6 cms)



Gallia building, Strasbourg. Pen & ink (34×28 cms)



French hunter on horseback. Pen & Ink (48×30 cms)



Saint Laurent Portal. Strasbourg Cathedral. Pen and Ink (50×32 cms)



Fontaine des Zurichois, Strasbourg. Pen and Ink (28×22 cms)



City Hall old portal, Rothenburg odT. Pen and Ink (after a Wilhelm Zadow drawing) (28×22 cms)


Waterloo2005. Waterloo. Ink, nib & wash




French cavalry dragon. Ink & nib & wash.

Bullfighting scene. Ink & nib & wash.


2004. Torero. Plumilla / Bullfighter. Ink & nib
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