Bronce sobre peana de madera. Altura 31 cm.

Edición limitada a 49 figuras

This is the second Spanish soldier of the “Tercios” I cast. For sure the “Tercios” and everything they did in support of the greatness of Spain in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries deserve at least a special memory. They performed at that time the task the US Marines have been performing for more than a century for the US. If any country counted in its history with the pages those soldiers wrote, certainly it would be proud of it.

In this occasion, since I was offered to incorporate my previous figure of the Tercios to the exhibition “The Spanish way. A zipper on the skin of Europe“which toured several European cities from May to October 2014, I had the chance to meet a fantastic group of historical reenactors; “Imperial Services”, who volunteered to pose as models for my figures. So during the opening of the exhibition that took place at the War College premises in Madrid I could get a good number of pictures of those well characterized re-enactors that eventually will allow me to continue paying tribute to those soldiers. And here you are the first one.

It’s been nine years since I made the former soldier of the Tercios and it can be seen the difference of style between both of them. There is no doubt that it has evolved (I dare not say whether for better or worse, ha, ha …). This figure is more detailed, without losing the strength of the previous one.

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