Bronze  figure sits on a marble base.

16 inches tall. 13 inches long. 13 inches width.

I casted the Trophy “General Coll” for the Spanish Military Emergencies Unit after a commission I received in Madrid in September, 2009.

Since it has a bigger size than most of my figures, I used again plastiline to accomplish it, since its outcome in this size figures is excellent.

In this case I had to express throughout a figure or a group of figures, the spirit of a whole military unit. It was sort of complicated!

After working on the final motive, my goal was to be able to express several things at the same time.  First of all, to show the main mission this kind of unit is engaged with, trying to express the risk this type of missions embraces. Furthermore,  to show the strength needed by its members to carry these missions away, throughout the poses of the different characters. I also wanted to express in it, values like team effort and comradeship since both are needed to accomplish this kind of task. Therefore I modeled three different characters working as a team.

The outcome…, you can see it here!

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