Trofeo “Earth, Water & Fire” trophy. Emergencies Military Unit.

The ‘Land, Water and Fire’ trophy of the Emergencies Military Unit (UME) recognizes those people, institutions, entities and public or private organizations that have collaborated with the UME in fulfilling its mission. This trophy is delivered every year on the day of its patron, Our Lady of the Rosary, in the facilities that its headquarters have at the Torrejón Air Base in Madrid.

The UME, through its chief, trusted on me to give a new format to the trophy that had been handed out so far. This was not the first assignment I received from the UME, since nine years before I sculpted the “General Coll” trophy that you can also see in this webpage.

Although the previous trophy was created from the scratch, in this case it was intended to give a new air to a trophy that already existed.

Earth, Water and Fire, the challenge was to represent these three elements in a figure, in addition to representing the UME in some way.

It was certainly a challenge, which led me to create different models until the final one was selected, working side by side with the staff of the UME and their good ideas.

Finally, we got to model you can see, where a member of the UME is represented emerging from a pyramidal monolith or obelisk in which there are three segments that with their different colors represent the three desired elements.

This obelisk serves as a tribute to a unit that stays at the forefront of the search for solutions to the emerging risks in the area of ​​emergencies, highlighting the main assets that the UME has, which are its members and their values.

I started the project in Brussels in September, 2017 and finished the last version in Strasbourg in March, 2018.

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