Bronze. 17 inches length. 12.5 inches tall. 12.5 inches width.

Limited edition to 49 figures.

I sculpted this figure in clay in Mons in February 2004 to present it to a Bullfighting pottery contest in Spain. Once again the resources I had to base may work on were quite scarce, so I acceded to the internet in the search of images.

The same as I did in the bullfighter figure, I tried to leave it quite raw and avoid showing too many details since the details turn the sculptor into a slave of them. However, I still wanted to be able to express the whole strength of a scene like this. I wanted to show the push of the bull against the horse and the effort of the “picador” trying to keep the balance on the horseback trying to avoid falling from it. Later, I brought the clay figure to the foundry to get the bronze made.

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