Bronze on a wooden base. 12.5 inches tall.

Edition limited to 49 figures.

I really like trees! Any kind of tree… Therefore I always had in mind to sculpt one.  So this was the right moment. And who knows?  If I have time, some more will come later.

I really like to observe the strength and leafiness of the oak tree, the incredible shapes of the beech, the grandeur of the horse chestnut, and why not?… the difficult balance of the Mediterranean pine tree with its big crown on the top of a long and slender trunk. With no doubt, the years I spent as lieutenant in Special Forces units living in the middle of the forest have left a trace on me!

This Mediterranean pine tree is a mix of the pines I saw in Rome in the summer of 2005.

The combination of different colors, green, red, yellow and brown in the patina applied to the figure at the end of the foundry process is a key element in this figure. The effect that the sculpture of a tree produces in the artist or in the public is quite different to that of a traditional sculpture.

I started the figure in Mons in July and finished it in September, 2005.

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