Bronze on a wooden base. 12 inches tall.

Limited edition to 49 figures.

This figure is a kind of classic that I had to go through! The idea of casting this figure also came to my mind a long time ago. In fact, I have been collecting pictures of flamenco dancers from newspapers and magazines for quite a long time. My first attempt was to sculpt an “impossible” dancing posture and try to express in it all the strength, magic and passion of the flamenco.

However, it was the very first time I was able to work with a life model, that’s to say my wife in flamenco outfit. At the same time I wanted to have the figure ready for the exhibition I planned to carry away in March 2006. Therefore I decided to leave impossible postures for another time in the future since it would have taken me far more time to accomplish it. Therefore, in this case I would work on a static pose which at the same time displayed plenty of strength.

I started it in January and finished in February 2006.

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