Bronze figure on a marble base. 9.5 inches length. 13.5 inches tall. Edition limited to 49 pieces.

The fact of having moved to Belgium seemed to have lighted my bullfighter side….
I used a picture of a well known Spanish bullfighter named “Morante de la Puebla” in order to sculpt it. The pose of this bullfighter in the picture attracted me immediately since it showed plenty of strength and determination. It was pure Art.

In this figure I tried to avoid being too focused on the details, therefore the style of the figure is quite different from what I had done so far. I wanted to be able to express all of the tension and energy of the bullfighter with the least possible number of details. The size is bigger than the previous ones. Therefore I decided to use clay to accomplish it. I started working with it in Mons, Belgium, in May 2004 and finished it in July the same year. I took it to a foundry that I found not far away from Mons. Hope you like it.

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