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Bronze figure on a wooden base. 27 x 27 cm.
Edition limited to 49 figures

In the sixteenth century, the weapon par excellence of Spanish troops was the pike, at that time it was considered “the queen of weapons.” Pikemen were grouped into squadrons lined with sets of musketeers, which revolutionized the art of war and ended with the predominance of the heavy cavalry in the battlefield.

The new soldiers who joined the Tercios normally did as “Dry pikes”, that’s to say, armed with a pike but unprotected. As time passed and the soldier was gaining experience, he could buy the “cuirass” or armor, in order to become a “coselete”, ie protected by some armor and forming for the fight in front of dry pikes. By becoming “coselete” he also gained a higher salary. Hence, he could keep progressing to become “arcabucero” or musketeer.

If he showed the necessary qualities, he could go up the ladder. There was no minimum stipulated period, but five years was estimated enough to be promoted to corporal and one more year to become sergeant. In two years he could be promoted to lieutenant and after one more year to captain. That is, in about ten years, if all had gone well and if demonstrated exceptional skills, he could become captain. At all stages of their service, the soldier had to show off the physical and moral standards needed to endure the hardness of the military campaigns.

The soldier of this period was instructed to see himself as a defender of the Catholic faith and to maintain or expand the possessions of the King of Spain. They were educated in the tradition of the “Reconquista” (the 700 year long campaign to expel the moors from the Spanish soil), a soldier, was heir to a nation that after 700 years of war was used to living with the sword.

Well … here you are the figure of the pikeman of the Tercios. After getting a reenactor posing for me, I started the figure in March 2015, right after my return from the Central African Republic and had it ready for the foundry by the end of April 2015.

Hope you like it!





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